Production Profiles: Cast Member D’Adrian Tomlin

D'Adrian Tomlin's Headshot

As part of our continuing series production profiles we take a look at D’Adrian Tomlin. D’Adrian will be appearing in the new production Black Spartacus when it comes to the Courtyard Theatre in August.

D’Adrian Tomlin is a professional Actor, and Spoken word Poet who comes from the heart of South London. Son of the one of the leading Pioneers in the Caribbean Theatre world Charles Tomlin, D’Adrian has followed his Father’s footsteps as he has been acting for 9 years and still going strong. He trained at the BRIT School of Performing Arts & Technology in 2006 where hegraduated with a Triple Distinction for a BTEC National Diploma in Theatre (Acting). After leaving the BRITS in 2008 he then went on to further his training with an award winning part time drama school called Identity Drama School. He was placed into the advanced group, and undertook extensive drama workshops for two days a week. During his time at the drama school he also continued further education in the same year by attending Brunel University where he graduated with a Second Class Bachelor of the Arts, Joint Honours Degree in Drama, Film, and Television Production studies in 2011. Being at the drama school, and university at the same time was a challenge, which showed his hard work, and dedication to the arts both professionally, and academically.

In his first year at Identity Drama School he did a showcase entitled ‘Kofi’ directed by Principal of the school Femi Oguns at the Arcola Theatre based in Dalston (East London) where he won the school’s Best Actor ‘Clive Dailey’ award 2008. Due to his success and phenomenal progress in such a short space of time in the drama school’s curriculum he got moved up to the Professional group, and signed unto the drama school’s agency (Identity Agency Group). His very first audition with the

agency was for the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in 2009 for a production called Frontline written by award winning playwright Che Walker, directed by Mathew Dunster, and he was successful in claiming the role. Due to his quality performance in the play, he was invited back by the Globe within that same year to play multiple roles in a play called A New World A Life of Thomas Paine directed by the head artistic director of the Shakespeare’s Globe Domonic Dromgoole. Since then D’Adrian has had a good career to date performing on well established stages such as the Theatre Royale (Stratford East), Soho theatre, The Half Moon Theatre in (Look to the Sky by Courttia Newland), Drill Hall theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre (West End), the Croydon Warehouse theatre, the Croydon Clock tower, Birmingham Drum theatre (in Raggarella starring Charles Tomlin, and Devon Morgan). He has also played leading roles in two music videos by mainstream artists Devlin Featuring Yasmin, and You me at six Featuring Chiddy Bang (number 1 in the MTV American rock charts 2011) both music videos were aired on music channels such as MTV Base, The Box, and Starz TV and all together currently has a total of 10, 443, 133 views on youtube to date. Earlier in 2014 has also acted and co-directed a music video entitled Live free by an independent artist called Rae.

His main lead role was in a production called the Hate Play by Contemporary Theatre Company for Young People (Box Clever) in 2010. The play was for a Theatre in Education Tour, which addressed the topic of bullying through Hate crime. It was toured for a month around Hull, and Nottinghamshire to over 10 schools in both districts. Also being an ambassador for the company whilst in the schools, he facilitated workshops after each performance, and would get the young people involved through a technique called Forum Theatre where they had the opportunity to get involved in the play making their own decisions as to how they would have liked a particular scene to take place. This then followed up by a discussion afterwards where the audience had the opportunity to make observations to the cast about the issues portrayed in the play, which took place. Due to the success of the production, and the positive feedback given by the audience, and the staff from each school, D’Adrian was invited back by Box Clever Theatre Company to do the same tour again in the year 2011, and has kept up a working relationship with them ever since.

D’Adrian’s spoken word poetry is innovative, creative, and original. During each poem he sends words of encouragement to empower, and uplift his audiences with a positive message. As described by him, his poetry is just “a depiction of his daily thoughts” being interested in history, and the true meaning of life, and our purpose on earth his poetry also seeks to educate, and spread knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, through entertainment in his words he enjoys “Edutaining” his audience. Due to his background in Acting, Characterization, and rapping he refers to his style of delivery as a “Flowetry” giving the audience a mixture as he is therefore able to bring them on a journey with him, and he really paints a canvas of images with his words as if he were performing a monologue with different colours, tones, clarity, and executed detail.

Click here to see one of D’Adrian’s spoken word performances

Tickets to Black Spartacus are available here

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