Production Profiles: Cast Member Ben O’Toole

Ben O

As part of our continuing series production profiles we take a look at actor Ben O’Toole. Ben will be playing the role of Comte de Charlevoix, a Plantation Owner in the play Black Spartacus.

Having started out Studying Drama at the University of Hull and having a sudden change of heart deciding to change to another course of Religion & Sociology Ben has now returned to his former passion first and foremost which is the participation in the diverse, challenging and rewarding role one feels on stage. Having been in Productions such as ‘The Pillow Man’ written by Martin McDonagh, ‘Blood Brothers’ written by Willy Russell and finally ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ written by Howard Ashman. Ben is looking forward to this great opportunity to be involved in a production which is highlighting such an historical moment and depiction of the inspirational life of the real ‘Black Spartacus’ Toussaint L’ourverture

Tickets to Black Spartacus are available here

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