Production Profiles: Cast Member Devon Morgan


As part of our continuing series production profiles we take a look at actor Devon Morgan. Devon will be playing the role of Biassou, a rebel leader in the play Black Spartacus.

Devon Morgan is without doubt one of the most active contributor to British black theatre. He has written, directed, produced and acted in a string of plays that brought delighted audiences real home town drama and comedy, including: Johnny Dollar (Reggae musical) Backslider and Oh Happy Days (Gospel musicals); hilarious comedies: Princess Black; Push comes to shove; Jealousy; Rhatid; Massive; Rasanova; Double Trouble; Just a visa mi want; and more serious  plays such as: Keep the love alive; Single black and proud; and Earth angels.

Devon has not only used his versatility as an actor/director but as a writer/producer, creating fun and laughter by varying themes, moods, and social awareness through his theatrical genius.

Devon is a man of immense talent. He is a hard and dedicated professional of the arts and is a real asset to British black theatre. His credits include Channel 4 comedy “Blouse and Skirt” with Oliver Samuels, appearances on the sitcom “Desmond” and novelist.

Tickets to Black Spartacus are available here

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