Production Profiles: Cast Member Sheba Montserrat


As part of our continuing series production profiles we take a look at choreographer, performance poet, comedian, producer and actress Sheba Montserrat. Sheba will be playing the role of Suzanne the wife of Toussaint L’Ouverture in the play Black Spartacus.

As a teacher of dance, a choreographer and performance poet Sheba is able to enjoy communicating with an audience through the body or with words. As a dance practitioner her chosen area of specialism is Caribbean dance, in fact Sheba was one of the first five graduates in Europe to gain a Diploma in African and Caribbean dance. The course, run by IRIE! Dance Theatre was the first of her qualification as a community dance teacher and empowers her passion to teach.

Age, gender and differing physical abilities are never considered obstacles or barriers on the way to sharing movement with others! Through performance poetry and stand up comedy the opportunity is presented for Sheba to share social commentary and insights. As a lover of people, Sheba is able to take these observations and social concerns into group workshop settings, in order to stimulate debate as well as to “edutain” any audience.

As well as producing her one woman show SHINE! which premièred at The Bernie Grants Art Centre (2013), Sheba has also produced for the stage, Shackles, The Whip and The Drum: The Creation of Caribbean Dance (2007). Since 2014 she has produced the mothly events Cabaret Dingolay and Poetry loves Dance, blending the night club vibe with theatre, in celebration of spoken word and motion.

To see Sheba live make sure you buy a ticket to Black Spartacus available here

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