White Witch Full Cast List

We are delighted to announce the full cast list for White Witch:

Elisa Boyd will be playing Annie Palmer
Robert Maskell will be playing Simon Palmer
Helena Dowling will be playing Chloe
Craig Abbot will be playing Dawes
Lavern Archer will be playing Princess
Charles Tomlin will be playing Rhone
Darien Charles will be playing Cupid
Nathan Thomas will be playing Sammy
Merric Boyd will be playing The Doctor

About the play

From acclaimed Jamaican writer Barry Reckord it tells the story of a young white woman who falls in love with a black man at a time when their love is forbidden. The play deals with fallout from their relationship from forced marriage to barbaric punishments which provoked communities and inspired uprisings. Based on a true story set around Rose hall in 18th century Jamaica it is a tale of mysticism, love, cruelty and revenge cast against the unforgiving backdrop of the transatlantic slave trade. This powerful, moving and thought provoking play is a must see

Book your tickets now! Call 02073521967 or click on the link below


You can also read the first of our cast profiles about Elisa Boyd here

We will be updating this blog with more details about the play and the cast so make sure you follow us here and on social media for all of the latest details.

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