Production Profiles: Cast Member Charles Tomlin

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Charles Tomlin is a Jamaican born actor of excellent repute. He has acted in the UK for 30 years and was a much loved actor back in Jamaica before that.

His acting has included performing major roles in Jamaican plays by acclaimed writers such as Michael Denton and Floyd Knight. He started out in this country with the ground breaking Company, Roots Theatre, who were based at the award winning Brixton Village. He was snapped up to play the memorable character ‘Postie’ in ‘Postman’ and ‘Boysie’ in ‘Ded Lef’. He went on to play many other roles with Roots Theatre including some hard hitting shows, which explored the injustices of the ‘Poll Tax’ laws in the late 1980s.

He moved on to work consistently for Blue Mountain Theatre spanning 15 years, playing the lead in sell out shows, such as ‘The Perfect Black Man’, an exciting adaptation by Floyd of Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’. Charles is a comic genius on stage because of his timing, wit and ability to play pathos with style and empathy. He is also an accomplished stand up comedian with his own loyal following always eager to see him on stage.

Charles will be playing Rhone in White Witch at the Chelsea Theatre from April 4th until April 30th.

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