Production Profiles: Cast Member Darien Charles


Darien Charles is an aspiring actor, from a young age he has had a passion for theatre and the arts. Having joined Stratford East Youth Committee and their acclaimed poets group he went on to win a Jack Petchey award for his leadership displayed. Darien performed and wrote in collaboration with the Stratford East ensemble, ‘The Poets Manifesto’ production in Theatre Royal’s Studio Space and The Arcola Theatre. A production he and fellow youth committee members sought funding for from the Swan Foundation in a successful pitch that brought the show to the stage. Darien went on to perform in a ground breaking production of live arts and spoken word on a moving train piece called CR2 which was funded by the Arts Council England.
Darien was one of the five winners of a poetry competition inspired and designed by Vivienne Westwood. As a result his poem was published and he performed it at a spoken word event at Keats House in London.
Darien has been commissioned to produce and direct a number of social enterprise and promotional short films. His most recent project is his own work, a short film, ‘En Passant’, which he wrote, produced and directed. It is currently out on the festival circuit.

You can see Darien playing Cupid in White Witch at the Chelsea Theatre from April 4th until April 30th.

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