Production Profiles: Cast Member Philippe De Paris


As part of our continuing series production profiles we take a look at actor Philippe De Paris. Philippe will be playing two roles in the play Black Spartacus; General Laveaux a French Soldier and Governor of St Domingue as well as Bayon de Libertat the Master of the Breda Plantation.

Originally from France, Philippe started acting at a very young age. He continue into his late teens before being offered a modelling contract. He continued to work as a model until he moved to London in 1989. A few years ago Philippe rekindled his passion for acting and started attending various courses and classes, from RADA to Method Acting. He wanted to see if the spark  he once had for acting was still there and also how he would fare with the challenge of acting in a language that wasn’t his mother tongue. He must have been doing something right as he has already been cast in a number of independent short and feature films including “Sophia Lazzati”, “The Attachment”  and “An Angel At Christmas”. “An Angel At Christmas” has been picked up by film festivals around the world and received 3 nominations at the Madrid International Film Festival.

At the moment Philippe is in the process of filming another two projects and will be taking to the London stage for the first time in Black Spartacus. On being in Black Spartacus Philippe has said

“The reason why I was attracted to play those characters was because of the challenge of playing two different parts in one play, but also being born in France the subject of the play is a part of my history which I must admit,  knew very little about.”

Tickets to see Philippe in Black Spartacus are available here

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